Enlightened Equitation's Online Classical Riding Academy Video Library

Do you feel that your riding never progresses? That instructors make everything too complicated? Do you have questions that never seem to be answered? If so, you need to join OCRA!

Real riders. Inspiring results.

International riding trainer, Heather Moffett, shares 45+ years of knowledge, teaching riders from beginners to advanced levels. Demystifying and clarifying topics with simple, logical explanation and clear demonstration. The Online Classical Riding Academy is a video library teaching riding and horsemanship, from complete beginners to advanced riders needing help with riding problems and provide the clear, simple, effective teaching methods of Enlightened Equitation. Videos have been built month by month into a library of more than 150 videos covering all topics of riding and training. Additional videos covering a variety topics and case studies will be uploaded from time to time, making this a fabulous reference library to refer to again and again.

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Instruction from the comfort of your home, or watch on your mobile device at the stables